Application Information

Admission to South Texas College does not guarantee admission to a Nursing or Allied Health program. All nursing and allied health programs are selective admission programs. Criteria (requirements) are approved by the college board of trustees in policy #3200.

Nursing and Allied Health Program Application Process

All program applicants must:

  1. Enroll in STC and begin taking relevant program prerequisites.
  2. Submit documentation of high school graduation of GED.
  3. Participate in mandatory program advisement with program faculty.
  4. Submit a completed program specific application.
  5. Satisfy program specific requirements for English, Writing, and Math proficiency.
  6. Meet functional and technical standards of the program.

In addition to the above, students should collect documentation or obtain necessary immunizations (some take 4-6 months to complete). Students with criminal histories (criminal background checks) should seek confidential advisement from the Program Chair or Clinical Affairs Specialist if special clearances are needed from stage agency (some processes take 3-6 months). Clearances must be obtained before program. For more information contact the Clinical Affairs Specialist at 956-872-3022 or visit NAH room 1.602.

Program Applications are available from the program faculty advisor only and submitted according to published deadlines.