Vocational Nursing

This intensive three semester program offers classroom instruction and related clinical practice in the four basic areas of nursing care: adults, mothers and newborns, children, and the elderly. Graduates of this program will have a wide array of opportunities for providing nursing care for patients in structured health care settings. Patients cared for by Vocational Nurses typically are experiencing common, well-defined health problems with predictable outcomes. Students seeking entry in the Vocational Nursing program must file a specific program on-line application and complete additional admission procedures as required (see VN advisor for specific criteria, courses and procedures).

  • Start: Fall Term
  • Application Deadline: Second Friday in February for Fall term
  • Location: NAHC, Mid-Valley and Starr County
  • 3 semester program - 46 Credit Hours

Advising Session Dates

VN Student Handbook

NAH Student Handbook

For more information, please contact: Suzy Castellanos at (956) 872-3011 OR Liz San Roman at (956) 447-6632

For immunization and background checks, please contact a Clinical Affairs Specialist at (956) 872-3022

Potential Job Settings

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Offices from General/Specialist
  • Home Health
  • Schools

Salary Data

  • Average Wage: $13.00/hour
  • Top Earners: $23.00/hour

The VN Program will be accepting applications from January 2016 to Mid-February 2016.

Application Requirements

  1. All applicants must meet general admission requirements to South Texas College.
  2. Must have a high school transcript, GED and or HS equivalency on file with STC Admissions office
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in state-mandated general knowledge content through approved means; i.e., Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA), ACCUPLACER, ASSET, COMPASS and/or course work with program specific exemptions accepted.
  4. Attend VN program advisement sessions at Mid-Valley campus or Nursing Allied Health.
  5. Submit a completed Vocational Nursing program application.
  6. Earn a minimum grade of "B" in Mathematics for Allied Health and Anatomy & Physiology courses.
  7. Satisfy program specific requirements for clinical practice. (i.e. Drug Screening, Criminal Background Checks, Immunizations, CPR, etc.)

Note: Selection criteria of the vocational nursing program is based on a point system of grade point average and courses completed.

Qualified applications are ranked from highest to lowest points.

Due to program size limitations, a number of applicants who meet the program admissions requirements may not be admitted to the program.

Site Selection: Site placement (Starr, Mid-Valley, and McAllen) is determined following group ranking of the applicant pool. Students are given the opportunity to select a program site in the acceptance letter.

If more accepted applicants are given for a particular site, preference is given to the home address in ranking order. Students that cannot be accommodated at their home site will be given a second site preference according to ranking.

Faculty Staff

Name E-mail Phone Location
Mora, Daphine - Program Chair daphine 956-872-3135 NAHC 4.314
Alonzo, Maria mdalonzo 956-447-6640 Mid-Valley B201D
Ayala, David dayala2 956-872-3167 NAHC 4.342
Ayala-Vargas, Margo mavargas-ayala 956-447-1211 Mid-Valley B201A
Colegado, Zelda zcolegad 956-872-3009 NAHC 4.338
Countryman, Karen kcountry 956-872-3086 NAHC 4.334
Dalida, Gwen dalidag 956-872-3131 NAHC 4.322
De La Cruz, Judith C. Sevilla jsdelacruz 956-872-3104 NAHC 4.330
Deree, Jamie ljaime1 956-973-1053 Mid-Valley B201I
Garcia, Edna egarcia_2508 956-447-6642 Mid-Valley B201B
Garza III, Victor victorg 956-447-6643 Mid-Valley B201E
May, Delphia dkmay 956-973-1066 Mid-Valley B201C
McGill, Vickie vmdickey 956-447-6690 Mid-Valley B201H
Miller, Rebecca rjmiller1 956-872-3128 NAHC 3.342
Moctezuma, Eloisa emoctez1 956-488-6986 Starr E 1.408
Salinas, Cynthia csalinas1 956-488-5860 Starr E 1.408
Vargas, Sylvia smvargas 956-872-3042 NAHC 4.334
Wingard, Annette awingard 956-872-3127 NAHC 4.344
Name E-mail Phone Location
Castellanos, Suzy - Faculty Secretary sscastell 956-872-3011 NAHC 4.318
May, David - Lab Assistant dmay 956-973-1071 Mid-Valley B202
Saenz, Anna - VN Lab Coordinator arsaenz 956-872-3056 NAHC 4.414
San Roman, Elizabeth - Faculty Secretary Mid-Valley hooks 956-447-6632 Mid-Valley B201